greek street food

KALAMAKI is a tribute to our heritage. A link to our past and unforgotten ties to Greece. We offer traditional style Greek street food. Juicy skewers, and mouthwatering souvlaki pita. Kalamaki is for everyone – easy, approachable and always fun.


What is kalamaki

KALAMAKI or ‘little reed’ is a synonym for souvlaki in Athens. It is a word used which helps to differentiate it from other types of souvlaki.

For KALAMAKI, the meat is cubed into small chunks, marinated overnight in lemon juice and olive oil along with Greek herbs. Then it is skewered on wooden skewers aka ‘little reeds’ before being cooked.

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ouR beautiful home

Make yourself at home. Kalamaki is the place for you to come, relax and chat with friends and family.